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sponsors of the mill

Our current list of sponsors


We would like to take this opportunity and thank the following individuals and companies who have sponsored a tooth to date and are helping secure the future of the mill.


​GB Property Maintenance,22

Adrian & Carol Chalkly,1

JLS Catering,2

Revival Exchange,19

John Chaplin,3

Wendy Chaplin,4

C & C Roofing,80

Martin Hawsey,81

Mr. & Mrs. Cobley,90

Diana McLusky,97

Andy Deering,14

R. Whitmore,47

M.Quinlan 108

Tim Whiting,6

Bill Griffiths,69

G.E Stannard,16

Whitmore Family,66

D & D Cobley,91

G McSweeney,92



S.dlb 63

C.dlb, 10

D & T Laing 109

Pac n Save 13

Hadleigh 41 Club  41

K & A Young 104 

Bures Ag club 43

K & M Hunt 103

L.Mel His Soc 110

Whitten & Roy Partnership 27

M Rudkin 37

Mr B & Mrs C Andrade 55

Barn Vets 86

B.Bowry 33

D.Bowry 35

AK Services 75

C Armour 76

T. Leach 67

J.Mason 29



If you would like to become involved then this is how our sponsorship programme works.


Each tooth is painstakingly made from kiln dried oak. Each tooth that makes up the Pit Wheel will be numbered. The numbers and corresponding sponsors name will be displayed on a plaque next to the Pit Wheel this will remain a memento and in recognition of the kind sponsors for future gerations.


Each tooth sponsorship will be £50 sponsorship .  Advertising receipt provided for companies wishing to offset the costs.


if you are interested in sponsoring then please click here for further information.

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