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Defibrillator Check Rota


Covid-19 Additional Care

When you are carrying out the checks, please can you wear a face mask, sanitise your hands and clean the outer casing of the defibrillator unit with a suitable disinfectant & paper towel.

For a full check, please clean the defibrillator itself and any surface that you come into contact with.

Don’t forget to also clean the kiosk door handle.


The rota for April / May / June is set out below.

If anyone needs to swap their week (due to illness / self isolation / holidays), please can you arrange this amongst yourselves.


Sean in the week of 3rd April

Zoe in the week of 10th April
Steve in the week of 17th April
Pilates Works Team in the week of 24th April


Miller's Team in the week of 1st May

Amy in the week of 8th May (Karen)

Richard in the week of 15th May
Karen in the week of 22nd May

Jamie in the week of 29th May


Sean in the week of 5th June

Zoe in the week of 12th June
Steve in the week of 19th June
Pilates Works Team in the week of 26th June

Note: The weekly Defib checking and reporting is as follows, we have been asked to do a weekly site/ready check and a monthly full check.


Weekly site/ready check
Submit a full weekly report via WEBNOS - you are reporting that the site has been checked and the defib is rescue ready and the tag is not broken.

To do this view through the outer casing cabinet to check that the defibrillator is rescue ready (can you see the tick) please file a full report on line report. 

If you see that the red tag has been broken then you do need to do a complete check….see below. 


Monthly full check 
Once every 4 weeks we need to do a full check (which involves removing the outer case) and again report this on line. 

When you do a full check please replace the security tab with a new one, Richard has these in Glass & Craft. 

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