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restoration of the mill

Bill Griffiths receiving a well deserved award for his fantastic Millwright works from The High Sheriff of Suffolk

With over 8000 visitors to The Mill in 2018 and 1000's of visitors each month to the Malting Commercial Centre there is something for everyone. Come and see what is going on.


Become a friend of Kersey Mill


If you feel that you have any relevant skill, ideas, enthusiasm or fundraising ideas and would like to become a Friend of Kersey Mill and help rescue and restore this magnificent building then we would love to hear from you. Becoming a friend of Kersey Mill costs nothing, your input, help and thoughts are what the Mill requires. It was a fine Mill described by Suffolk Mills Group as the Zenith of the development of water and engine-driven stone mills and was regarded as one of the finest white flour mills of its time. Today it still houses much of its original machinery. Restoring the Mill and its machinery is something we would dearly like to do and we would sincerely welcome any input you could offer.


Register your interest by clicking here


Active Friends of Kersey Mill


In no Particular Order;
Mark Barnard, Chris Hulcoop, William (Bill) Griffiths, Gary Barnes, Gary Bond, Callum Davies, George de Lara-Bell, Alistair Eady, David Eady, Charles de Lara-Bell, John & Jo Parker, Martin Horsey, Kegan Jay, Paul Wilding, Trudy & Rupert Avis, Jessica Avis, Allan Scott Davies, Richard Dyer, Oliver Avis, Kevin Wilding, Kevin Carpenter, Jon Ette, Heather McNeil, Hintlesham Golf Club, Fidelis Group, Marcia Brocklebank, Robert Lindsay, Amanda Hart, JLS, John & Wendy Chaplin, Hans Stoodart, Mark Mitchell, Sam Mitchell, Vincent Pargeter, Paul Willis, Gary Woodhouse, Christine & Sue Burden, Anna Norman, Donna Ramsey , April Ramsey, Ben Pearson, Catherine Hood, Katie Fox, Holly Sharp. AnnMarie Goode, Elizabeth Stewart, Graham Fuller.



How you can get involved today


Sponsor a ToothWould you be able to sponsor a tooth?


This is how it works; Each tooth is painstakingly made from kiln dried oak. Each tooth that makes up the Pit Wheel will be numbered. The numbers and corresponding sponsors name will be displayed on a plaque next to the Pit Wheel which will remain as a memento and recognition of the kind sponsors for future gerations to see.


Each tooth sponsorship will be £50 sponsorship .  Advertising receipt provided for companies wishing to offset costs.


A huge thank you to all those that have already sponsored a tooth, click here to see our current list of sponsors.


Steve and Alison would also like to thank all the friends’ visitors and supporters of Kersey Mill. Your help and support with the restoration project is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Please contact us for further details by clicking here

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