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Kersey Mill - Newsletter September 2013


As the dust settles after the great time we all had during the open day we can reflect a little on all that has passed since the massive challenge of the restoration of the mill started.

We have come on in leaps and bounds as the many specialist gathered around the owners – Steve and Alison – providing much needed advice for the restoration.  Many of the advisors enjoyed a get together after the event to plan the next part of the project.

The kestrels have flown the nest, the signets moved further downstream yet return for a meal with the family. Even the mole is having a great time popping up all over the lawns with glee as the worms endeavour to escape.

A while back we wrote about the sad case of a young lad Leech falling to his death in the cogs of the water wheel at the mill. This month we have another story of a tragic death of Ellen Bradbrook who died just after her 15thbirthday on March 8th 1893 when fire broke out in the mill caused by the highly volatile flour dust igniting and setting sections of the living accommodation alight.


Ellen Bradbrook standing – her sister Kate beside her. The cross in the grave yard.

A sad memorial in the form of an iron cross marks her grave in Kersey church yard as shown. Ellen was a given a book of virgin Martyrs presented to her a week before her death. Perhaps an omen as the book recorded all the young women who died before they were able to become wives and mothers.

On a lighter note the appeal is still going well for the teeth in the waterwheel with more sponsors coming forward to help such a great project. As a novel Christmas (yes – that dreaded word) present that will survive many generation to come a wooden tooth for the water wheel is a gift for all time. Not only will it help the mill turn – it will be a talking point for you around the (that word) table in December.

Please keep in touch and we look forward to hearing from you with tales of the mill. In the meantime – happy summer holidays.

Photographs and information contributed by Diana McLusky in America.

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