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Kersey Mill - Newsletter March 2013


Welcome to the first newsletter for all those interested in the restoration of the mill at Kersey set in the heart of the delightful Suffolk countryside.  When Alison and I became the proud owners of the mill we had little idea of the support and guidance we have been receiving since an early appeal for help. There have had a number of people who worked the mill getting in touch one visitor, a Mr. Fred Richardson, now in his 90′s, who remembers the mill working – as a young child he can recall collecting flour for local bakers with his father.

Our aim is to get the mill in to working order in the not too distant future and grind our own flour – with regular open days to visitors and school groups. Thank you all who have made offers of help and should you have any old photographs of the mill, or memories, please get in touch.

We see the mill as a sleeping beauty just waking to show off her deeper spirit of place we know she has been hiding away for so many years and with your help we can make this a reality.


Stephen de Lara-Bell

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